Profile & Infrastructure


* R.P.Tarway & Company is in business for more than 6 Decades founded by our grandfather late R.P.Tarway

* The company was exclusively engage in supplying Mica a natural insulating material around the globe

* We had privilege to supply mica to some of the electrical giant like general electric, westing house, united technologies

* 1992 we added Botanicals business and served many customers around the globe

* As this was family owned company so partners decided to split on mutual consent in 2008 a new entity formed name and style     R.P.Tarway Mica deals in dry flower, potpourri, flowers, botanicals, handmade articles etc

Competitive Advantage

* Factory is strategically located in the heart of natural resources rich state Jharkhand

* Abundance of tribal population helps in getting efficient labor

* Strong relationship with the suppliers adds to the quality and also helps in the timely delivery of raw materials

* Vicinity to the Calcutta port helps in easy transportation


* We focus on sustainable development

* Our Products are of International Standard

* We pick the best ingredients available across India for our products

* We empower our staff with latest technology application in the development of our products

* We provide good quality life to our employees in Jharkhand by taking care of their all round development

Contact Details

Fax No:+91-6532-223192
Mobile No: 9471358038, 9431144417

Address Details

R.P.Tarway Mica,
Barganda Road
Giridih,Pin- 815301, Jharkhand,

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